Elusive Dreams

Posted on Jun 19, 2013


Waking up she rubs her eyes
the fog of a dream takes flight
Images to remember she does try
but some are now out of sight

Mixed and elusive dreams she’s had she knows
but doesn’t understand their meaning
Will they help her to grow
or will they keep her soul bleeding?

As the minutes pass by her
her dreams more mixed and confused
What she wonders do they infer
what with them can she loose?

She kicks herself for forgetting
making note to write them down
Even the ones that are upsetting
the recurring ones that drown

She grasps these pieces of information
like manna from heaven
Hoping to find that elation
and the dream she’s had since eleven

So to sleep she goes when night comes
awaiting those mixed elusive dreams
Armed with pen and pad for the rising sun
and the answers she hopes to see

Posted in: Poetry