Love’s Insecurity

Posted on Jun 22, 2013


Love's Insecurity

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In his quest for love he’s found nothing but insecurity
people who believe lost in reality
Because love doesn’t have a name
the real thing isn’t just a game

It’s endless and bound for all eternity
feelings so strong, soul mates in serenity
One will think the others thoughts
no trap they’ll feel so caught

Their naivety is strong because they’re blind
for in their hearts they know not the mind
Jumping in, without seeing a thing
they know not what their blindness will bring

He sees so many that are in relationships so lost
this does anger him as he knows what this will cost
Because they’re insecure they jump the gun
A one night stand loses that magical fun

They live in a world so lonely and confused
their life is filled with darkness and blues
Learned usually from family and friends
this cycle of searching will never-end

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