Footsteps of the Past

Posted on Jun 22, 2013


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The man he thinks of all he’s done
sitting my the canal in the sun
His mind does he cast
to his footsteps of the past

He wonders at all his choices
made under pressure and differing voices
Where he thinks could he now be
if he’d stayed in his home in the country

The woman, twenty-six years young
no long given birth to a son
She thinks of her university degree
that yearns to be set free

Has she wasted her life she thinks
as her beautiful little son drinks
She loves him with all her heart
but her life hasn’t yet had a start

The boy of nineteen just left school
he has some money, he’s no fool
Worked his young life doing various things
off travelling now to see what life brings

The man and woman both dreamed of adventure
but sucked into a life of 9-5, family at the centre
They wonder now what the future holds
could they try a different tact, be so bold?

The answer lies with tacking risks
for this is called destiny’s kiss
You just have to break the mould
of which you are trapped and in a hold

Take those tentative steps forwards
don’t let them wash away, going backwards
Leave behind your footsteps of the past
and forwards your future cast

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