The Sound of Bells

Posted on Jun 24, 2013


St Albans Cathedral

St Albans Abbey/Cathedral. Picture courtesy of

He walks through the park to the sound of the bells
away from the madness and the city hell
Ducks and geese play in the small lake
people walk their dogs in peace they take

He passes a pub so old and steeped in history
so much happened here, some a mystery
He thinks about stopping off for a drink
but instead heads further up without a blink

He now nears the cathedral at the top of the hill
A place of beauty that haunts him still
No religion has he ever wanted or known
but in those ancient buildings he feels a need to atone

As he steps in the large building his demeanour changes
his emotions flow with so many ranges
Again he knows of no religion in his heart
he wonders why this human race he’s apart

Once in, people move silently around
like ghosts of monks looking for something never found
They float as if in another world
apart from this, they do swirl

To the tomb of the saint he finally arrives
lighting a candle for those lost lives
Of friends and family and strangers too
he stands and looks, watched by religious statues

John the Baptist looks down on him
Mary and child forgive his sins
Alban the soldier turned saint
stands by him, no soul to taint

Finally he walks away from the tomb
strolling around the cathedral, a choirs tune
He breathes in the history past
as he leaves the abbey and the thoughts he casts

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