The Game

Posted on May 22, 2013


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We are the pawns
the sacrificial Lambs
Going to the slaughter
all your sons and daughters

The game that’s played
would waste us all away
Leaving all in their wake
from the leaders that are fake

So from history do we fade
whilst they are financially made
In history books they sit with smiles
we, the people forgotten and reviled

Used, abused, pushed are we
democracy we’re in, but never free
We work, pay taxes, do as we’re told
laws bind us, open prisons in hold

Lennon sang about Imagining
he had a way of thinking
But just a dream he did have
we’ll never be free from the mad

Unless we make a stand
and no more feel the teachers hand
Scream no more! Enough!
before more is spilled than blood

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