The Ignorance of Life

Posted on May 22, 2013


*This poem is in response to the horrific senseless attack on three people today in Woolwich in London, one of who was a soldier. I’ll leave a link afterwards for you to read up on the still very fresh story as I type this. My heaert goes out to the victims involved.

Just seen the shocking news
how many more lives yet to lose
Before peace and goodwill
in a world where people gladly kill

This horrific attack on three there were
feelings of shock and fear do stir
And reminders of past attacks
in these dark days black

Thinking of 9/11 people wonder why this came to be
conspiracy theories everywhere in the land of the free
From the way the building collapsed to a lost plane
paranoid America has never been the same

It was the first time they beheld an attack on home soil
shocked they were but twelve years on they still boil
Blood has been spilled and lives destroyed
all for power, ignorance and misguided pride

Britain has been attacked a thousand times
sometimes deserved, sometimes for its crimes
And the innocent are always caught inbetween
whilst the guilty kill or order but never seen

Eventually this all has to end
then no need to fight or defend
all war is for power and greed
So these people can feed their need

It’s we the people who do normal things
that have the true power, not those ‘kings’
Who sit in their homes, bank accounts full
who send their children to very rich schools

They say it’s for our benefit to help us all
to free us from oppression democracy’s call
But there’s no such thing as democracy here
only an illusion shrouded in fear

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