Destiny’s Ever Long Search

Posted on May 22, 2013


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He’s tired of being alone, going nowhere
heart like a heavy stone, who does care?
Destiny rears its ugly head at him readily
showing his fate in its entire complexity

What does he do in the face of fate?
for already written is it, there’s no escape
Embrace the loneliness and be there for all
otherwise insanity will follow, with it his fall

The pain that flows through his veins is strong
coursing through his blood, an endless song
The journey is long, hard and confusing
long is the road that he is using

What’s at the end of it he doesn’t know?
who knows what seeds will be sown?
All he knows is to learn from sadness and hate
and open the happiness in all our souls so great

The moral is somewhere in these words
can’t let them fly take wing like birds!
He needs to keep them close to his heart
forever searching for meaning right at the start

He was told by one long ago
that his destiny will one day show
For maybe he’s meant for greater things
until then to take all inbetween

For this is destiny’s ever long search
this spiritual path better than any church
A quest he’s been on for a very long time
harder than Everest this holiest of climbs

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