Friendship’s Dream

Posted on May 22, 2013


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Been lying awake all night thinking of what an idiot he’s been
wishing there was more to you and him, Is it a sin?
Thought he could get you out of his head
think you’ll be with him till he’s dead

You’ve reached somewhere no one could ever find
got so close, heart, spirit, soul and mind
More difficult than he thought to eradicate you
in way too deep, so deep his soul to lose

Tried all he knows to become what he was before
but you’re teaching him so much more
The more he is open in his heart and soul
defenceless he’d feel, lost in a deep dark hole

But with you by his side he’d feel strong
both going through similar feelings, is he wrong?
You could help each other in ways that people don’t understand
just be brave, don’t fear him, take his hand

You’ve been through so much, he knows it’s true
seen it in your eyes, and deeper things too
He knows your friendship will always last
but something else exists, look into your heart

He doesn’t wanna put pressure on you, that’d be wrong
but scared of losing you to someone, potential happiness gone
Not in a rush for anything like marriage and kids
taken day by day, don’t give him a miss

He wants fun and laughter, but not at your expense
cares too much you see and swore never again
Friends first and foremost always shall be
trust and loyalty taking root like an oak tree

Growing and spreading beyond your reach
learning more about each other, much to teach
For what you find will help you both to grow
the seeds of knowledge you indeed shall know

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow…

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