Posted on May 20, 2013


Picture courtesy of mydailycomplaint.com

Picture courtesy of mydailycomplaint.com

Reading the paper he does this day
A tabloid of notoriety most do say
Their views as stupid as those that read
the paper that sets the opinion seed

The man in the street swallows what’s read
the words of the press are gutter-fed
People fall prey to what they’re told
what in their heads, it has a hold

To think for yourself is a hard thing to do
what can you believe, what is really true?
So many lies told from the press
those in government will not confess

We live in a world built on lies
from the dawn of time, in history to find
Rulers found religion, the masses to control
and in doing so, had a tighter hold

But the lie spread, they lost their grip
and in doing so, they did trip
Now we live in a different world
though not much has changed so

We all blame our governments for lies
but in truth it’s us who commit the crime
For we let them and the press take free rein
while we the puppets, go insane

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