Critical Clique

Posted on May 20, 2013


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The day almost over, a free few hours before sleep
another critical day but from her not a peep
She’ll go home and unwind in the bath
forgetting those idiots, behind her back they laugh

She had this at school when she was a child
but it never seems to leave you, these bullies so vile
She just wants to do her job as best she can
for if all goes well then she’ll have a plan

It never ends at work though but continues socially
sometimes she gets frustrated and angry totally
All she wants is to do well in her job
she has no real ambition, doesn’t wanna rise to the top

Just enough to give her a social life and pay the bills
enough for food, drink, the niceties that rattle through the tills
Presents for birthdays, Easter and Christmas for those she does care
is this too much to ask, is this not fair?

But she found that there’s that critical critique
the type you always find and never wish to meet
The ones that are insecure, bullies are they
probably bullied themselves, one day they shall pay

Deep down she knows this and sighs in her bubble bath
sometimes she doesn’t know whether to cry or to laugh
For everyday to her is a battle to be fought
but by god, she won’t so easily be bought!

*If you have been affected by any type of bullying as an adult then please visit the following links for advice or search ones nearer to you. No one should have to tolerate it at all:

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