Second Chance

Posted on May 20, 2013


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A second chance is what she wanted
her life this is haunted
A place of her own
somewhere to call home

Nothing happens for years on end
then like buses, loads of options sent
So she’s confused by now by all of this
nothings easy as she clenches her fists

Five years of hell she’s seen
no grass for her green
Then came a way out for her
by way of a sad path many times a blur

But this new opening she was lost
she had got it at a terrible cost
She did good by many and all
now she feels like such a fool

For back to square one she is
although there is a final twist
For another route has she
that may yet set her free

It’s not what she wanted though
not as perfect as where she wanted to go
But never look a gift horse in the mouth
her dream he may have to sell?

Or will it be postponed for a while
she’ll just have to go that extra mile
A temporary solution to calm her soul
then very soon she’ll achieve her goals

Others though she has to rely on
otherwise it could all go wrong
So faith and belief strong she’ll have
or without it all could go bad

This second chance will come
she knows it with the setting and rising sun…

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