No Freedom Doves

Posted on May 19, 2013


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See the girl playing on her phone
sitting outside the cafe all alone
Waiting for the boy that won’t arrive
been sipping the same coffee since five

See the boy running for the tube
he’s late to meet his girl, in a bad mood
The day is turning into a nightmare
just found out no money to spare

His job has told him no more work, no jest
he’s two weeks to go to clear his desk
The rent is overdue and in need of paying
gonna get kicked out onto the tiled paving

How can he afford the ring he was gonna buy
now he has no job soon does he live the lie?
Does she need to know the truth, can he survive
by doing what must be done to maintain his life

She wonders what’s keeping him, why he’s late?
no signal on the phone she worries for his state
Because she knows he has troubles on his mind
but he won’t tell her his woes all the time

Those that are buried deep in his soul
so deep, a never ending hole
She loves him more than life itself
would do anything for him if only he’d tell

The burdens that he bears run deep to the core
fighting to be free and come to the fore
Why can’t he speak to those that he loves?
it kills him little by little, no freedom doves…

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