The Endless Song

Posted on May 19, 2013


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See the birds twittering away
how they fly and together they play
Soaring high above to see
their kingdom from guns flying free

Watch the deer a ghost in the woods
hiding from that which they fear and should
They the majestic custodians of the land
their hunters are now only evil man

The seals splash in the harbour town
no fish to eat, taken by a net they frown
But here they come in a hope for scraps
fed are they by chips and baps

The dolphin further down the estuary way
has got trapped by a net lost in the bay
It struggles for freedom caused by man
but it’s them who try and do all they can

All is just an endless song
that we’re caught in right or wrong
Sometimes it sings a sad slow lament
others, a happy tune that swims like a graceful salmon

Maybe we can learn by our wrongs
and sing a different endless song…

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