Long Forgotten Call

Posted on May 19, 2013


Picture courtesy of www.takenbythewind.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.takenbythewind.com

The old man walking his Jack Russell
thinks about his past and all he’s done
Of all the mistakes and all the hassles
so many days past, so many suns

A man in his thirties sits on a bench
by a canal watching the boats go by
He’s had enough, wants to live in a tent
the past few years have been hard he sighs

The girl slaving away behind a poky bar
full of old men ogling her as she serves
A wasted degree that gathers dust along this path
she wishes she could escape to a different turf

An elderly lady sits with her friends in a cafe
talking away the hour about nothing in general
Her mind drifts to better days in the RAF
when she had meaning and a purpose, not menial

All these people wish they could turn back the clock
to that one moment in time where they screwed up
For that was the path they should’ve taken, not blocked
not they all drink from a poisoned cup

But it’s never too late to make your life better
there’s so many options available to us all
You just have to take a risk, be a go-getter
and listen to that long forgotten inner call

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