Hobo Blues

Posted on May 7, 2013


Picture courtesy of www.flickriver.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.flickriver.com

The man has had enough of his mundane life of late
He desire to move on for a new life and fate
He has so much in his mind he needs to free
A need to find something in which to believe


All his belongings are just things he collected
For his old age, to pass down, carefully selected
This can all be left in storage for safe keeping
So he can take off for something he’s seeking


Whether by train, boat, car or bus
He can travel anyway, he’s not fussed
So many routes are open to him
And all the adventures that they shall bring


All he needs is his harmonica and guitar
A few pads to write under the stars
So he can jot down his hobo blues
This life he could easily choose


But he is torn to stay in a life he tolerates
And all that he is dealt with by the hands of fate
Is it fear or duty that keeps him there?
Sometimes he wished he lived without a care


He’ll form new friendships and maybe more
no more feeling tired and torn
New stories he’ll have to tell
and no more soul he’ll have to sell

The hobo life and the hobo blues is what he needs
A spiritual awakening will stop this soul that bleeds
Maybe he’ll find that perfect clarity he found once before
To seize it this time, to use it and do what he’s destined for…

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