The Girl with Fire in Her Eyes

Posted on May 7, 2013


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The boy, no more than twenty passes her everyday
On his way to slavery, a courage he lacks to say
For the girl with fire in her eyes she blows him away
As she walks with a confidence, a sassiness in her sway

He gets goosebumps whenever she passes him by
He falls apart, oh god he could cry
All he wants to do is talk to her, he tries
But he fluffs it up in a heartbeat, oh how he dies

This girl with fire in her eyes she’s a thing of beauty
She doesn’t come across as posh or snooty
He would never dare call her something like a cutie
Far from that she is, to this he is a newbie

She knows his game everytime she passes the bus-stop
For she feels his nerves across the path, he looks ready to flop
But it makes her smile everyday as she walks past the shops
She’ll play this game a while longer before he goes pop

She’s slightly older, more experienced than he
So when she’s ready she’ll make the first move to be
For she knows he lacks the confidence she has in a degree
Maybe she can show him in himself how to believe

For she’s the girl with fire in her eyes
And that’s not all she has, she sighs
She could make a grown man cry
Make him tell the truth and never lie
The girl with fire in her eyes

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