Until It’s Gone

Posted on Apr 24, 2013


Don’t know what you’ve lost
until it’s gone they say
Words so true I think
As we all get swallowed
up in our selfish lives
We forget each other
all the time

Friends and family
torn apart
Money and lies the
the problem from the start
Clawing a little
Whether at work, rest
or play

Then when all is destroyed
from doing wrong
We realise what we’ve
lost when it’s gone
So sad that it takes
us until then
To find out what was
done to all of them

Some never learn by
their mistakes
Content they are hearts
to constantly break
Selfish and greedy,
nasty too
Damage is done
to me and you

Maybe it’s fear
that drives them on
To do this to others
many a wrong?
Hoping that all
will go away
In truth it’s
themselves they betray

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