Crescendo No.1

Posted on Apr 24, 2013


*This poem is for anyone who feels stressed at the pressures and frustrations of life and just wants to scream. Scream if you want to as it does some good. Imagine Gary Oldman in the Film Leon, one of my all time favourite actors and films to go with this poem in the scene where he goes nuts for the second time and kills a few people listening to Beethoven (pictured).

Gary Oldman in Leon just before he loses it. Picture courtesy of

Gary Oldman in Leon just before he loses it. Picture courtesy of

Building, building
This anger pure
Orchestrated by noise
Shrilling, loud and coarse
Calm he seems to all he sees
But inside he rages
At the outside world
Inside he seethes…

Little red dots blind his eyes
As the anger burns
From this he hides
Before green and large he turns
So loud, so loud are they
These ignorant fools
Who with his mind they play
Breaking all the rules

Like a conductor to his emotions
Does it build
Like a building ocean
A tsunami he feels
These fools have no idea
What they’ll unleash
As the crescendo rises for all to hear
Will he ever get peace?

But pushing him too far
They are stupidly so
Much too hard
He’s gonna blow
Stupid fools these games
They play, oh they play
They to blame
For their end of days!

O-Two-thirty it is now
Five hours passed without harm
He survived somehow
He went out to keep oh so calm
But it’s started again
At this ungodly hour
Time to defend
His little castle tower

Let the crescendo commence…

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