Guiding Star

Posted on Apr 24, 2013


Picture courtesy of bluetapeandnails.blogspot.c...

Picture courtesy of bluetapeandnails.blogspot.c…

She sees him staring at her with
eyes that shine brighter than a star
Yet deeper than infinity she’ll lose
herself in them if she looks too long
Her fear is of losing control of her
senses to keep all from afar
So her heart can’t be broken
to be another sad song

His smile makes her heart leap
a million times to the beat
Gives her the strength when
she needs it the most
Puts a spring in the step
giving life to her tired feet
He makes this shadow come alive
with life, slays the ghost

How does she find the words
to make him see
Words are jumbled
confused and come in many voices
With him she can grow like
she’s supposed to be
Not stuck along this
lonely road, but with choices

Need to step it up a gear
move towards the shining light
Before she runs to the hills like
a crazy girl and be the crazy hermit lost in the mist
He’s the one who’s gonna save her
from the madness, shining bright
Like the guiding star he’ll bring
her to her knees in eternal bliss

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