Restless Spirit

Posted on Apr 25, 2013


Glen Etive, Scotland courtesy of

Glen Etive, Scotland courtesy of

He’s just came to the conclusion how restless he is
this spirit not free to fly and achieve eternal bliss
Maybe he walks a lonely path
hiding behind a winter’s scarf

As another year older he becomes
he wonders if he’ll ever see the summer sun
To find a happiness on this crazy Earth
where he’ll find his rebirth

Is he the only one who wants to play
awakening to a different day
To explore new things and new places
sharing a smile with happier faces

Why do people just shrivel and rot
in a world they create from the cot
Forever in a comfort bubble they eternally fear
to escape the shelter, they don’t hear

Wrapped in cotton wool, not living their lives
fall into the rut of the nine to five
Where they shall conform to the rules
trapped are they the stupid fools

A restless spirit he is indeed
but he wants to share life without greed
All it has to offer in the palm of our hands
but it slips through our fingers like grains of sand

Get out of your bubble and be adventurous with him
before time passes you by like a passing stream
Life is too short to stay in the same place
he knows, Look at the tears roll down his face…

Restless Spirit he is, fighting to be free from life’s constraint
need to share the wonders of all he sees, Shan’t taint
But it’s all pointless if walking alone
this lonely road he’s destined to go…

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