Memories of Dublin

Posted on Apr 21, 2013


River Liffey taken my author Darren Greenidge

River Liffey taken my author Darren Greenidge

Ah raucous Dublin
you naughty lad
How I miss your cheek
and happy days had
Knowing winks and
cheeks grins
As the Guinness flows
and the whiskey sinks

My days there
were happy ones
Music and friends
and maddening fun
My walks into town
my liffy alive
and off to Wicklow
and Malahide

My family a short
trip away
Others across the
But Dublin gave me
a taste of dreams
This Viking city
never as it seems

Blackpool it’s called
in the Norse tongue
Which made me wonder
of the other one?
For the UK has a
Blackpool too
Maybe it means Dublin
now I’m confused?

I miss the Brazen Head
a pub of legend
Old they say and
this they defend
Touristy it may
have been
But it was a pub
full of green

I wish sometimes
to turn back the clock
And relive those days
right the latter wrong
But one day I shall
go back
And for that my
heart will be glad

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