Empty Pages

Posted on Apr 22, 2013


Picture courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Picture courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

She looks at the gift
given to her
And reads the words
where feelings do stir:

Write in me
and pour your heart out
Tell me all the good,
the bad and the ugly to shout

Fill me with dreams,
desires and hopes
But don’t forget
the fears and slippery ropes

For they are learning curves
in which you’ll learn
From them you’ll grow
so fill me with tears and burns

Also frustrations and anger
but above all fill me with aspirations
To give hope and belief
Show defeat of reservations

Positive thoughts and
memories old and new
Fill these empty
pages true

Leave something of
yourself behind
So future generations
can they you find

And with these last
words a tear on growing belly did fall
For the gift was the last and
future memory of him all…

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