Angel of Beauty

Posted on Apr 21, 2013


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Beauty is but a doorway to an angel’s heart
of which I hope but to be a part
For if it does come for me
my soul complete it would be

But if it does but turn away
knowing but despair would follow that day
I pray come to me angel of dreams
don’t let me unravel at the seams

Beauty is eternal, the holy grail
I search everlasting, shall not fail
A game of chess this game does play
the pieces set, what moves that may

I search in this everlasting quest
since I was but a child, I do not jest
This journey has taken me far and wide
from it’s corruption I cannot hide

I fight for the good and the great
knowing soon I shall succumb to my fate
For the angel of beauty will blind me so
no mere mortal can stand her angelic glow

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