My Head Hurts!

Posted on Apr 21, 2013


My head hurts all the thinking done today
no time for air, no time for play
Sacrifices made for a new life to lead
for this is long awaited, what I so need

So as I type, my head all a mess
inspired by images of coast I do confess
That make me want to up sticks now
no more do I wish to kneel and bow

So many people in the same boat as I
so many just want to leave and fly
Life’s not as easy as it used to be
you can no longer just go, hard to be free

Tied are we to bills and conformity
sometimes too much to leave, an enormity
But some are brave and just up and go
no ties for them, no face to show

So off they go with tales to tell
whilst others stay in their own miserable hell
Created by what they were taught
for them a battle always fraught

Posted in: Poetry