Stuttering Tongue

Posted on Apr 17, 2013


There’s been something he’s been meaning to ask you
But he doesn’t know if you’ll answer him true?
The question st.. st..stutters on his tongue
He sometimes feels way too young

You buzz around in your mad crazy way
Addicted he is in all you do and say
But every time he gets you near
He shrivels up in Goddamn fear!

You’re pretty, beautiful, sexy and sweet
Knocked for six, lose control of his feet
Falling down, only you can pick him up with that smile
The way it beams, he’d cross oceans, run the fastest minute mile

So tell him if you feel the same
Life’s too short for childish games
Grab him and hold him close
Tell him it’s he you want the most

So many opportunities are wasted and gone
Don’t end up like everyone with someone you don’t belong
Throw in a kid, no doubt you’ll love too
But you’ll always wonder where he is, should be with you

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