The Untameable Fire

Posted on Apr 16, 2013


Everytime he wakes he tries to do the right thing
all the time forsaking all he’s meant to be doing
This heart of his burns for something more
this untameable fire screams for freedom evermore

He’s pulled one way by a force he doesn’t yet understand
fate pulling him apart by its unseen hand
The need for knowledge is greater than you and I
A power so strong it controls his inner eye

The fire burns brighter than any sun
its intense heat destroying all that is one
What is it that he seeks, that we all search for
that destroys his senses to the core

This thing an indescribable power so wrong
its control over him so very strong
Trapped in its grasp like a fly in a web
he needs to break free, to take that big step

This untameable fire wants a guide
to help him search, his soul he hides
And tame the fire a little for sure
so he can see with eyes anew, to be more

Posted in: Poetry