That Sudden Kiss

Posted on Apr 17, 2013


In a crowded bar we kissed, friends and people all around,
No-one missed
Suddenly they are gone, only you and I,
Hope it lasts forever, no goodbyes

The moment your lips met mine was like a magical spell,
As soon as they parted, I felt I’d been hit, an arrow from hell,
The more power your passion embraced,
The more I wanted your sweet, sweet taste

I was lost in a dream, didn’t wanna wake,
Scared it’s gonna end, my heart will break,
You took me to a place where everyone wants to be,
Can’t believe it’s real, what my eyes now can see

If the strength of a kiss can do this to me,
Then imagine how different my life would be,
If we took it a step further to pure bliss,
Then it would be more powerful than that sudden kiss

Because it’s that sudden kiss that’s made me like this,
That sudden kiss that filled my eyes with tears,
A kiss so sudden, you filled my heart with joy,
At last a man, no longer a boy

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