The First Time

Posted on Apr 15, 2013


The first time that I saw you
my eyes opened wide
I think you noticed me look,
needed to run and hide

Every time since, I carefully
glance your way,
Praying silently,
that you’d make my day

But it’s never gonna happen
because I’m not your type,
Go on give me a try,
don’t believe in the hype

I see the way you sweep your fingers
through your long dark hair,
Wish that was me,
I wouldn’t dare

You’re going away soon
to a different town
I wanna go with you,
don’t wanna drown

If I asked you on a date then
I would fail,
You would give me a look of
shock then bail

Been in this dilemma for
A very long while,
I’ve always wanted more than
just a beautiful smile

So look a bit deeper into
your heart
Don’t throw me with the others
on the wagon cart

I’ll never let you down,
too loyal it’s true
If you give me a chance,
I’ll prove it to you

But then I awake from
this dream
And think of what
could’ve been…

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