Does Anyone Know Her?

Posted on Apr 15, 2013


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She’s seen so much yet
Those eyes do not see
She’s heard more than she should
Yet not listened to her heart

She’s been told dark secrets
Which she’ll take to her grave
Yet keep her feelings in check
Who truly knows her?

She’s the weight of the world
On those old shoulders, but so young
Yet she’s not seen the planet
Like she should have done

She’s carried all the pain and loss
Of a soul in torment
Yet she smiles and laughs to all she sees
But does anyone know her?

Her thoughts are random
Complex and confused
Yet her time is yours for eternity
An ear, a shoulder, a falling tear…

She is yours, You are hers
But do you really know who she is?
Her journey in this life
Doesn’t belong to this selfless girl

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