By The Sea

Posted on Apr 16, 2013


By the Sea/ Brighton's Waves by the author Darren Greenidge

By the Sea/ Brighton’s Waves by the author Darren Greenidge

Right now I wish to be by the sea
where my soul is one, my spirit is free
To ride the waves and play like a dolphin
then washed ashore, a new day starting

The sound of the sea eating at the beach
is a sound my ears need to reach
For they calm this restless troubled man
like nothing much else can

With the sea you feel as one
all your troubles at once undone
It has a power to make clear the mind
where before once you were confused and blind

Feeling its embrace around your feet
is a feeling so great you wish ever to meet
This powerful element knows no bounds
it covers the earth, can always be found

We have a connection as a species, so proud
Three-quarters made up of water are we, we found
The moon controls the seas and in turn us too
Hence our affinity with the sea so blue

Our moods, our passions do sway
in unison with the waves
And in its fury and calming intensity
its power recharges my soul, by the sea

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