Change of Direction

Posted on Apr 15, 2013


Woke up late in the afternoon
Head banging, hope it’s gone soon?
Work called, asking where I am
Told ‘em my cats dead (they know the scam)

Time for a change of direction
Where do I go? Who cares, going for my resurrection!
Think I’ll look way out-of-town
The further I go, the less I’ll be the clown

Need to find answers like everybody else
The sooner I do I’ll escape this hell
The quicker I’m free
Could be a long quest for me…


Damn this world and all its hassles
Leave this town for Oxford or Brazil?
I walk down the road scowling randomly
At the mad, the bad, and the ignorant freely


What the hell I think to myself
Not gonna be left on the shelf!
Wham, Bam, thank you Mam
No longer a sheep, laughing all I can

(Chorus, fade out…)

No more nine to five for me
A slave to the system I’ll no longer be
A life lost on pointless things
A happiness I hope time shall bring

Take my advise and do the same
Don’t play conformity’s game
Run like the wind to that dream
Leave no dust that can be seen

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