Here and Now

Posted on Mar 21, 2013


I’m still lost and confused,
Fed up of being alone and abused,
If my heart is gonna break,
Then make no mistake,

I’m gonna stop it here and now

I’m waiting for the change that’s gonna come,
I can’t wait any longer (run, run, run…),
I need someone to help me along,
Don’t wanna be another sad love song,

I’m gonna stop it here and now

So come on girl, show me the way,
As someone once said, ‘make my day’,
I’m too scared to do it alone,
Ask me out, maybe pick up the phone

Because it’s gotta stop here and now

You’re the one that I’ve dreamed of being with,
I want you, because of all that you can give,
The coward that I am, don’t wanna be turned down,
Probably end up as just another sad circus clown

I want it to stop here and now

I need you to make the first move,
My heart and mind, I need you to soothe,
Look at the signals I loudly give out,
I’m like one of those mad racing touts

I want you to stop it here and now

I’ve told you I’m scared of being rejected,
Worried that someone else will be selected,
Look closely and you will see,
The heart that burns brightly for you and me

You can stop it here and now
Only you can stop it here and now
Oh please notice me here and now

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