Hiding Away (in a Bottom of a Glass)

Posted on Mar 21, 2013


Every pint you drink, every short you knock back
is one step further from the life you lack
Every time you wake, every time you sleep
alcohol in your blood, an escape you seek

Why do you hide away in the bottom of a glass?
when if you need help, all you have to do is ask
The answers don’t lie in the oblivion that you’re always in
abandon the water of life that is your poison

You who push away family and friends
knocking back beer as if there were no end
Always a bottomless pocket in which to dig deep
or family, friends to ask, even the bar keep

A fool of yourself sometimes you make
sober yourself up for the family’s sake
No real problems do you have, to make you do this
signing your own death certificate, the Grim Reapers kiss

I’ve seen good people go this way to the grave
the souls they have too late to save
You don’t need to go this way
you don’t have to make this the price you pay

For life’s too short to see it pass
always looking at the bottom of that glass
Do something amazing with your life
make people proud, no more strife

So help us all to help yourself
don’t pour more alcohol into your mouth
All are there to help you through it all
don’t push yourself against a wall

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