A Distant Call

Posted on Mar 21, 2013


There she sits a troubled wit
wondering where to next
Lost in a haze, deep in a pit
what is it she expects?

She listens hard to a far off voice
A distant call travels in the breeze
Thinking of limited choice
before her mind it freezes

She looks through the horizon in need
all falls away to a place that she sees
Will her soul now have its feed
will she see through the woods and trees

Options, options everywhere
but not enough to drink
For the more she ponders the more she despairs
oh why does she always think!

She dreams of a time when she can be free
her mind no longer caged like an animal
But many voices keep her as should never be
she wonders her own self, a life parallel

The time will come she’ll have faith
to leave this trap she finds herself in
Then freedom from the wraith
that keeps her in cardinal sin

Posted in: Poetry