Posted on Mar 20, 2013


Woke up this morning wondering what I am?
thinking of possibilities, of where I want to be
Life is full of questions, are we slaughtered lambs?
like everyone else, just trying to be free

I catch a plane to the emerald isle
A place where my soul sours
The wheels hit the landing pad while
outside it rains but doesn’t pour

My heart is elated, as ever it should be
all bad thoughts and worries flee my mind
Always feel at ease and free
these eyes no longer blind

My imagination expands like never before
grow more in my soul than is possible
Anything is achievable, of that I’m sure
confident I am, stars are not improbable

So I never give up the good fight
as I believe no-one ever should
Take heart and do what’s right
don’t hide yourself under a hood

Posted in: Poetry