Abbey Bells

Posted on Mar 20, 2013


*I wrote this poem whilst sitting outside St. Albans Abbey between 2003-2006 in a different form. I was never happy with it in its original form and knew it needed changing which I have done today with a few verses here and there and losing whole verses too. It was originally longer with two more verses but I cut them out entirely. I hope you like it just as much as I did sitting outside the Abbey of the first patron saint of Britain. The picture supplied is exactly where I wrote it from more or less. There is a link after the poem about him and the Abbey/Cathedral if you are interested. Enjoy.

St Albans Abbey/Cathedral. Picture courtesy of

St Albans Abbey/Cathedral. Picture courtesy of

He’s sitting by the abbey, watching the world go by
as the abbey bells loudly ring
Watching people pass, deep inside he cries
each chime one a torn heart string

A reminder of things in his past
that haunt his memories and waking hours
As shades drift on by his mind does cast
these ghosts emanate their power

He looks at the graves nearby
old and long neglected
Then up at the abbey reaching the sky
where the sound of the bells are greeted

The abbey bells they keep ringing
letting everyone know that someone’s there
But he doesn’t comprehend what they’re singing
do you think anyone cares?

As people go by he senses their thoughts
and also their dreams and desires,
The things that they were taught
their dreams always brought by liars

So where do we go in this land of the lost
wandering like wraith’s searching
Searching for something these ghosts
as the abbey bells continue ringing

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