A Soldier’s Nightmare

Posted on Mar 20, 2013


Picture courtesy of brianhowald.wordpress.com

Picture courtesy of brianhowald.wordpress.com

He sits in the dusty camp of a middle east night
wondering if what he’s doing is wrong or right
Knowing full well that he may have to kill
will this change him, will he be the same man still?

He hears a helicopter outside, lights flashing bright
his time will be soon, he’ll leave to go and fight
He checks all he needs for the operation to come
will he be alive with the rising of the sun?

He wonders for the second time why they are there
does anyone know what’s happening or even care?
The local population are scared of this world
they are living in a very real hell

He knows that if he survives, home won’t be the same
he now plays with different toys, plays a different game
For him there will be no more rugby with the boys
he’s got used to a different life, more deadly toys

In his heart, he knows things have changed too much
for him to return to home, the others know as such
So maybe he’ll stay here or find somewhere to go
if a bullet or bomb doesn’t take him in one blow

Yes he signed up for this, to fight for those that can’t
but he wasn’t told the truth of it, this different slant
Now he’s aged ten years, twenty-nine he seems in mind
for all the things already seen, he wishes he were blind

For this is a soldiers nightmare
nothing is ever fair
To fight, to maim, to kill, to die
all he’ll hear forever are the helpless cries

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