Last of All

Posted on Mar 13, 2013


She’s thinking of all that’s happened in the past
Of times gone by that have flown much too fast
The things that could’ve been now long gone
Putting herself last of all, right from wrong

Why she does this she doesn’t really know
Stuck this way, her mind will never grow
Looking for that escape she prays will come
So she can see a different sun

Still not too late to live her life
Maybe she should go to the Kingdom of Fife?
Far away from here to where she longs to be
To find who she is, hoping to be free

Helped so many, expect nothing in return
All she gets is ignorance and spurned
Yet she smiles, rising above it all
People are selfish and they have gall

From money to advice to a listening ear
She helps them overcome their worst fears
All she asks for is a little respect
But what she gets back is nowt short of perfect

What does she expect that people will do
Selfish are they and greedy too
All they think of are themselves
Your soul they take for this she does dwell

It takes courage to say no
But hard to do so, to go that low
Always taught to look after all
Doing the right thing, never to fall

Just wish people would notice she
Only human, lost at times you see
Help she may always never take
Never hurts to try, her barriers to break

But last of all she’ll always be…

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