Tree of Life

Posted on Mar 13, 2013


As I browse the net wondering what course to take
Who Do You Think You Are on the TV, a past they rake
I think of mine and my future that I do now strive
For that elusive, mysterious tree of life

I’ve trawled the net for my family name
To no avail in that crazy game
My family history confused as ever
My search will continue one day for the better

So many directions I do now see
Which branch first from this tree?
To better myself in fantastic ways
To reach those heights for better days

This year of learning from two begun
Now I am but the last son
My Fathers side all but gone
Putting right all that went wrong

The change is coming, I can feel it now
I shall make my Father proud
There he sits way up high
Looking down I hope with happiness in his eyes

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