Mother’s Day

Posted on Mar 10, 2013


Another Mother’s Day comes around
Today he spends the pounds
Giving what little he has
To Mum and Nan, he’ll do this glad

He’s not been perfect to them both
Finds it hard to say the word love
But they know deep down he tries his best
At least he hopes in his self detest

He just wants to make them proud
To do things special, help them out
Not just for a day like this
For for always, every day bliss

But for now he’ll do what he can
Always keeping to his plan
Thanking them for helping him in little ways
Keeping out the darkest days

Happy Mother’s Day to both of them
He hopes they have a day with no stress
He’ll do what he can to make it run smooth
Make the rest up to them very soon

For a time is coming of great success
Where he can escape life’s mess
Everyday will then be Mother’s Day
Every day he’ll them celebrate

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