Call of the Wild

Posted on Mar 10, 2013


The wind and rain howls this March day
as I sit typing these words, inside I stay
Thoughts cloud my mind always to confusion
that thinking straight puts my soul to treason

But sometimes I hold a thought so clear
of the mountains and sea I long to be near
For big cities like London are not for me
restrained and insecure, sheep that are never free

Slaves to the system, money the focus of humanity
tied to a life of mundane insanity
To work we go, then home we come
up again with the rising sun

This cycle I don’t want to fall into
I want to find that perfect life soon
All work no play, conformity a curse
people worried about their wallets and purse

They worry about bills and jobs, stressed are they
A vicious circle they run for an empty pay
They fight to live in a material world
but in reality nothing truly gels

The Call of the Wild whispers my name
across the winds it does tame
This restless spirit in my heart
that should’ve been free from the start

I think of wolves running free
where I long aside them to be
Feeling the wilds of nature inside
no longer will I have to hide

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