Heaven’s Rain

Posted on Mar 10, 2013


This rain that falls from the skies
These angels tears I hear them cry
In torrential floods do they fall
They despair we do not hear their call

Of mankind and the earth do they weep
Of the wars and neglect we do reap
Of the animals and life we do kill
Of the blood-lust and greed we have our fill

These angels cry this summer away
The warmth and beauty gone for another day
For we don’t deserve beauty we so neglect
The earth trembles at mankind’s effect

One day we may learn from our mistakes
Before heaven’s rain overfills our lakes
To swallow up the land and all life in holds
Then freeze it over the great winter cold

The sun peeps through the clouds, a ray of hope
A brief warmth settles on my brow, can we cope?
For I think nature fights back with all her might
Angels and the Mother will put up a fight

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