The Sweet Softness of Ireland

Posted on Mar 8, 2013


Oh how I miss the sweet softness of Ireland
and all she’ll mean to me in song forever
From her mountainous curves rising up high
to the clear clean beaches and sea, touching sky

Her music is as sweet as a violins bow
at once sad and full of sorrow
But the next a wild joy erupts from the strings
oh what joy to this heart she brings

I love the lilt of her children’s voice
the way they sing in their speech I rejoice
Even when you’re down and want to scream and shout
that voice will cheer you and find you out

From Dublin and Kilkenny to Kinsale I sail
never a dull moment from where they hail
A darkness long gone replaced by cheer and delight
across Galway and Dingle’s stunning sights

Ireland is my wife, loyal and true to me
always something new for me to see
She greets me with open arms and a smile
my soul is lifted, breaks by a mile

For even though we live apart
there’ll come a time for a fresh start
Where I’ll be with her again forever to play
her songs of happiness I await this day

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