The Mad Clown

Posted on Mar 8, 2013


‘Tis a funny thing this life
full of trouble and strife
But we move on heads down
ruled by the Mad Clown

He smiles the wicked smile
the damned we are by a mile
He rubs his hands in glory and malice
putty in his hands, drinks from his chalice

He glories in power and corruption
the journalists a minor interruption
For he controls all he sees
and only charges a small fee

Oh the life of a leader is no small thing
look at all the joy that he brings
He does all the hard work whilst you slave
as he sits upon his throne, we behave

For the punishment is swift and severe
more than a clip around the ear
We are but pawns in a larger game
checkmate to him, always the same

For the Mad Clown knows how to control
us little fishes in a bowl
The Mad Clown feeds off our pride
as we swim against an ever-growing tide

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