Something This Way Comes…

Posted on Mar 7, 2013


The moon it rises high above the night sky
Across the land the lights twinkle bright
In the distance a howl, Something stifles a cry
Something this way comes this dark cold night

Doors are bolted, windows shut tight
To keep out an evil all have always feared
A noise here, a screech there on this unholy night
This memory will be forever more seared

This darkness has ever always been known
From the dawn of time it has so been
Human minds have reaped what they have sewn
Now it comes to feed on all it has seen

It exudes a foul evil stench all can smell
That destroys the land, its beauty does wither
For this thing comes from the depths of hell
Sometimes it walks, others it slithers

For no-one alive has seen it truly
As if they did, they’d die from shock
But in truth they’d be devoured surely
No so much left as a boot or a sock

The devourer comes to claim its prize
It hungers so for a long time now
For it feeds on distrust and lies
Humanity’s weakness shall suffer in hell

Suddenly an ear-piercing scream crosses the fields
Inhuman it is but the truth will chill the heart
For its all seeing eyes are forever peeled
The devourer has seen all from the start

To defeat it will be a huge thing indeed
The human actions will have to change forever
No more wars, crime or greed
Would so remove the evil eternally severed

So think on next time you lock up at night
Of all you have done that’s filthy with lies
Look out beyond into the fading light
Before someone you love is taken and dies…

For something this way comes this dark and cold night
Wrap up warm, hide under the covers, enough said
Something this way comes to give you a fright
Don’t look out the window or under the bed

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