Life on Paper

Posted on Mar 7, 2013


Just updated her CV this past week
on two pages her life on paper does keep
She looks at what she’s done these past ten years
what a waste, brings her to tears

If only she had a time machine to go back
correct those mistakes, try a different tack
To make sure life is more of a success
then this struggle she could put to rest

Work is the curse of the drinking classes Wilde said
in which they’re all worked to death
Governments create this vicious circle we are in
and all we do is take it on the chin

Different generations have had their breaks
but money a difference does it make
Also a guiding hand to help us along
simply because some are lost, not that strong

Just two pages of A4 paper can make or break
honesty and integrity should it take
but harder and harder is it now
To break the cycle in this and any town

But changes can be made if you make the grade
so in this life you may not fade
Words on paper can be changed for it’s never too late
for her and others it can be great

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