Posted on Oct 8, 2012


Oh Lyonesse
I dream of you so
Lost beneath the
waves, I saw you go

A mighty kingdom gone
forever to the sea
Now we are adrift our people
lost In confusion and grief

I was young and so
very strong
But always for you
my heart does long

I see your buildings
rise high to the gods
Magnificent they were
I mourn their loss

But the people who
died that day
To the Gods who I
was angry, I now pray

For I hear their screams
and the city bells
Ringing under the sea
crying for help

Now though I have
a different path to forge
As I look to a boy
Who is mine and yours

His name means bear
mighty he’ll be
To rule with compassion
and heartfelt mercy

A destiny long
and legendary he’ll have
Just like my Lyonesse
for that I’m glad

But all good things
come to an end you see
Even for the Bear of
Britain and ancient me

Don’t forget us or
poor old Lyonesse
Her golden sands and
lost souls beneath the sea

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