False Trail Review

Posted on Oct 8, 2012


Last week to my surprise I had won tickets to not only see this film but to watch and listen to a Q&A session with the great Rolf Lassgård himself, the star and main protagonist of the film thanks to the fantastic Nordic Noir Film Club (http://www.nordicnoir.tv/). To many others he’s known as the original Wallander and more recently the brilliant Sebastian Bergman. The film also stars the brilliant Peter Stormare who some of you may know from the Cohen brothers film Fargo and the television series Prison Break.

The showing was held at Release cinema which is in the Courthouse Doubletree Hotel by Hilton in Great Marlborough Street, opposite Carnaby Street, London courtesy of the Nordic Noir Club. It is in the heart of the tourist hotspot and Regent St and Oxford Street are but a short walk away as well as the pubs, restaurants and theatre’s.
So on Friday 5th October 2012, along I went with a friend in the pouring rain with a ting of excitement in my heart. (I don’t get out much nowadays sadly).

The hotel is beautiful and as its name suggests it was indeed a courthouse, the second oldest in England and is also Grade II listed. The cinema itself is small and the seats are very comfortable although one seat seemed to be broken as various couples kept going over to sit there and a few minutes later they would get up again and move which was rather annoying but once everyone was settled it was almost like sitting in your favourite chair at home. As with any cinema you go into I had to pick the seat which had to have someone with the biggest head in the world sit in front of me. There were a few empty seats but he chose to sit in front of me and wouldn’t even sink down a little. These people are so annoying! I had to bend my head around him but as the seats were like armchairs It was okay anyway and I was about to be lost in the film anyway.

Rolf Lassgård came down to introduce the film before I assumed he headed to the bar. I was torn between staying to watch the film and going to join him as it’s not everyday you get to meet an icon of Scandinavian, indeed world cinema but the film beckoned and straight into we went with no adverts. Heaven.

False Trail or Hunters 2 (picture courtesy of en.wikipedia.org)

Now before going I read up on it and discovered that there was an original film made in 1996 and that this was the follow-up to it. It turned out that you didn’t really need to see it although it would have filled in a few blanks but again it didn’t matter.

The film started off with hunters in a forest and it cut between them and a girl running for her life in maybe the same forest or elsewhere. The music was intense and built up the tension nicely in the first few minutes of the film.
It starts out as a missing persons case and Rolf Lassgård’s character Erik, an interrogator from the National Murder Commission arrives to take over the case. It soon turns to murder and Erik has to solve it. To make matters worse he is up against a close-knit community which he knows all too well as he’s from there himself, tragedy forcing him to leave many years earlier (See Hunters 1/ Jagarna 1). This complicates things a little for him too in the present.
What follows is a complex and all too human emotional crime thriller of the highest standards. The cast and crew have excelled themselves and created in my opinion a masterpiece. The tension throughout never lets up and you feel for every character and you are disturbed by the killer too.

Both Rolf Lassgård and Peter Stormare as the leads give a powerhouse of a performance as do all the supporting cast. I was simply blown away which brings me to a scene some of you may not like. Let’s just say without giving it away, it was real and was a powerful moment.

If you love the whole Nordic Noir scene and don’t mind subtitles or can understand Swedish, then go see this film when it officially opens on 16th November according to the official website where you can also view a trailer for it.

Lassgård plays and has mastered the tortured and philosophical soul well so it was a surprise when he came on all smiles like a cross between Santa Claus and a jolly bear. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me so I tried to rely on my camera-phone but sadly the battery dies fast as they all seem to nowadays damn the technology! I was hoping to film the interview and take a few pictures with me and him and my friend but that wasn’t to be sadly. So we listened intently to this funny, jovial and kind man telling us about his career and the film. Incidentally, he gave up Wallander because he didn’t want to be typecast or stuck with the same role which is understandable. He making another series of Sebastian Bergman I believe and also doing a comedy role over in Sweden as well as over projects that seem close to his heart. Why Hollywood have not snapped this man up I have no idea! Personally I think we in the UK should grab him for loads of dramas including Lewis and Endeavour where he could play an Oxford Don and potential suspect as he has that look about him that speaks wise and knowledgeable, like a Merlin type if you will. We all love him as a detective though but I’m sure he would love to get his teeth into something grittier. I have loads of ideas for him, just not the contacts in the film and television world as yet. If you’re reading this Rolf, I’m always available for a story idea or ten. I’ll even write a story/script just for you.

So as the night drew to a close, some people leaving, most staying behind for autographs and pictures, of which I was trying to be one of them but sadly failed miserably, I walked away in the rain happy in the knowledge of seeing a great film and a great actor and man. I just wish I got to shake his hand at the very least.

At a runtime of 2hrs 9mins approx it isn’t hard on the bum either.
Go see it, you won’t be disappointed.

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