Ballymaloe and All Things Cork

Posted on Oct 9, 2012


I dream of it everyday
at night before I pray
Ballymaloe on my toast
or crumpets, bacon the most

This relish a tomato
delight made by heaven’s own
Only angel’s can make
This taste on which is great

It takes me away
To Cork my happy place
Kinsale where I belong
and sing a happy song

Of Ballymaloe and all
things Cork I’m enthralled
I miss it all so much
I feel the taste, what a rush!

My black and white
pudding bare, a sight!
For without Ballymaloe
The food dry as a bone

Only Corks finest
will ever do your highness
You mighty relish, bacon,
sausages, pudding, I’m dreamin’

I sleep now with thoughts
of you in whose net I’m caught
Ballymaloe and all things
Cork happy are indeed my dreams

* All things Ballymaloe and Cork are on my link/blogroll section should you wish to investigate the wonders of the relish, their other products and indeed Cork all of which I highly recommend. Enjoy!

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