A Hundred Thousand Tears

Posted on September 17, 2012


A hundred-thousand tears I shed
For all of those past dead
For those I’ve lost to time
Those I search for but cannot find

A hundred-thousand tears I cry
For the angels wings on which they fly
Taken away way too soon
Leaving behind those in gloom

A hundred-thousand tears do fall
Hearing of humanities grip so cruel
An innocent shot and killed
For looking the wrong way, blood was spilled

A hundred-thousand tears do flood
Like rivers mixed with blood
Washing away war-torn countries
Destroying all good possibilities

A hundred-thousand tears drain
Away the horrible internal pain
Of the suffering one does carry
Of a dream destroyed that she can’t now marry

A hundred-thousand tears slide
Down my face of which I cannot hide
From the endless extinction of animals
Of nature annihilated by mankind, the fools

A hundred-thousand tears do well
Of end of days will soon be felt
For our ignorance will destroy all
Too late we’ll hear our crying call

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